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We offer bologna modules on bachelor as well as on master level. Thereby the aspects mentioned in Mission and Vision are implemented consequently in the teaching. The bachelor sets the formal and contentual basics with compulsory modules. The master deepens and practises syntax and automata based models and theories to particularly be used on distributed algorithms. A block course for usage of an interactive theorem prover completes the whole program.

  • All current module descriptions are deposited in Moses
  • There is an info page in Modules for every MTV-module. 
  • MTV-Courses provides term-oriented overviews.
  • Rooms/appointments are in the University calendar.
  • Details for the current executions are written on the related ISIS pages.

Questions in case of teaching can be requested via mail to  which will be read at least from three persons. All staff members of teaching offer consulting hours which can be found on the related pages in the Staff area.

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